Little Twisters

King Arthur

My subjects recall my heroism. I brought honour to my lands.  Contrary to what this manuscript proclaims, it is well known that I fought nobly against faeries and other weasels. I was never even in Éirinn at any time as far as I can remember. I was never called ‘The Bear’. The term is an insult that I outlawed for all time.

This manuscript is a work of foul calumny and I sense little weasel hands at work.This writer is no more than a dumb channel for their work. Their aim is to rewrite legends to make themselves smell better.

I care little what the people of the uncivilized lands of Éirinn think. However, I command  the peoples of my own Lands of Cornobha and Móna to disregard these twistings of history. I rewarded bad poets well to record my true deeds and sing my praises. That is how I shall be remembered. I never had any truck with that ‘other’ people. I never associated with a little deceiving enchantress. Nobody shall be fooled! Heroism was my only trade.

Arthur defamed

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2 Responses to Little Twisters

  1. Deirdre says:

    I think this may be a little confusing for anyone who hasn’t read the book. This Art is a nasty fellow from one of the old tales. (King Arthur?) Not to be confused Arthur who is The Dark, i.e. the main character in this book.


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