Mind your step

Since this old book came out I’ve had some peculiar messages.Legends of Finn McCool

One shady looking gentleman protests that he is not a character from the book. Others are claiming that they are  characters from the book. And there’s irate professor Festus. Imposter posters? Maybe I could impose on you to do 3 things for me:


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4 Responses to Mind your step

  1. Deirdre says:

    Great book. Exciting and scary and funny. And lots of good endings. Couldn’t close it in the middle of any story.

    I find the author disappointing though. Sorry. But I kind of imagined he’d be less cross looking.


  2. M. says:

    my heritage is not irish, nevertheless my folks came from the area wherin for years the US has its Irish Wolfound show yearly. I loved the large dogs and considered them part of my childhood or history. that as an adult of owned several and am infact about to buy my third………I named the first in Celt tongue Fionn MacCool but in mine FehimGele Melchites and the second Cuinn O’Niall…………Oddly the first dog became the bone of contention in my prolonged and acrimonious divorce and the next some person or persons unknown KILLED in my own backyard…..that I wrote this note to admonish we can poke fun at all the old legends we like BUT some stories are long remembered because they are both IMPORTANT and UNUSUAL…………when we choose to FORGET the past we dismiss a body of KNOWLEGE that ought be apllied to our future to lessen errors and heighten success…..for things are NEVER quite as simple as they seem———we might think simplistically but the UNIVERSE and all it might hold is COMPLEX and remains for the most part MYSTERY. and one man’s explanation for all that’s happened is but one angle of some multifaceted scene……………M.

    • fionnfolk says:

      I hope the cowardly murderers of O’Niall are quickly brought to book.

      Good luck to you and every blessing on your new hound!


  3. Mark says:

    Hi Tom,
    Any chance you could email me on mail@markmacnicol.com as I’m working on a project I wanted to run past you.

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