Ask Arthur

LegendDear Dr. Ó Ceallaigh

Young Dark is the one who met these people. Maybe he can enlighten us.

Blessings on your work,

O’Neill (D. HP.)

About fionnfolk
My stories are all nearly true.

One Response to Ask Arthur

  1. Moderator says:

    Dr. O Ceallaigh, your complaint about the letters after O’Neill’s name have been noted. We referred the query to him.
    He claims he has a doctorate in the applications of HP sauce in every category of world cuisine.
    We do agree that this sounds spurious. But unfortunately there is no law against people inventing academic qualifications.
    It may be some consolation to you that the other well known afficionado of the application of this sauce was Mr. Tariq Aziz who has since been executed. Or has he?

    The Moderator

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