I’m away…


celtic mythologyscary tales


So, reader, there you have it.

The blanket of night is falling on the countryside and I’m off out for a wander in the bogs to see what interesting creatures I might meet. If I hear any news or stories I’ll report back to you. 

Feel free to comment since everyone else has.

You’ll have to get the book if you want to hear more.


About fionnfolk
My stories are all nearly true.

3 Responses to I’m away…

  1. Petros II says:

    This books is full of lies. Don’t let your children or servants read it as it may cause a disturbance in your home.

  2. John Keyes says:

    I’ll confirm or refute this allegation once I’ve read the book and once I’ve some servants in my employ.

  3. TripleDub says:

    I saw Petros II’s comment too late – had already started to read the book each night to my (almost) 10 year old son. There is magic in the book, and it IS causing a disturbance, as I have to read a mimimum of 25 pages each night.

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