Meeting at the Crossroads

Funny how you can wake up one day and realize that you have been staring at various bits of evidence without having ever noticed them. I’m not talking about evidence of a crime in this case. But all around us is evidence of ancestors not far gone. You suddenly realize that it’s all been staring you in the face – evidence of the lives and ways so clear that you can almost feel their presence.

You can see the remnants of dwellings, mounds, stones, raths, sacred trees and yet have looked through them for so long. You can listen to the talk, to the turn of phrase that is directly transposed through the generations, the stories and attitudes that reflect ancient morality. You can read what the archeologists have to say about the epochs and what the dendrologists have to say about decades when there was no sun and when famine, war, and calamity stalked the land. And yet, in my case, it took another age for all this to meet up. For years I failed to notice this. Now it all seems so obvious.

About fionnfolk
My stories are all nearly true.

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