Ask Arthur

LegendDear Dr. Ó Ceallaigh

Young Dark is the one who met these people. Maybe he can enlighten us.

Blessings on your work,

O’Neill (D. HP.)

Answers not BS!

Folklore and Mythology expertDon’t insult me O’Neill.

I’m not going to talk to some slip of a chap about serious cultural matters.

As for this so-called review – Forgery, Fraud, and Flatulence! No right minded person could have written this. I can only imagine O’Neill himself wrote it and I will be in contact with the honourable lady who he has impersonated. I doubt she will be very impressed to have her name misused like this.

Not that this will trouble O’Neill who seems to have scant regard for the reputation and life work of people better than himself. 

I am beginning to think you’re a bit of a blackguard, Mr. O’Neill.

Professor Festus Ó Ceallaigh Ph.D.2

Indeed now.

Believe what you want.

The DarkI don’t lie.

But you all can say what you want. You’re mistaking me for someone who cares.

The Dark (Arthur Mc.)

Leave Arthur be!

ConanThe Doctor is right of course. None of those good people exists. Not the Bronloider. Not Fiachra. Not Tizzie. And certainly not the fine old darling, Saileach. Only pisreógs is all they are. They’ll leave you alone as long as you leave them alone.  

And besides, you would only see people like them if they wanted you to.

Now leave our Arthur alone!


Bronloider? Fiachra? Tizzie? Saileach?

Celtic mythology

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Afraid of the dark?

Fan fictionI’m not afraid of The Dark