Mind your step

Since this old book came out I’ve had some peculiar messages.Legends of Finn McCool

One shady looking gentleman protests that he is not a character from the book. Others are claiming that they are  characters from the book. And there’s irate professor Festus. Imposter posters? Maybe I could impose on you to do 3 things for me:


You will REGRET this

MythologyWARNING: Don’t buy this book. It’s lies. LIES! This O’Neill is merely jealous of my success. My head shop and nite club earn me serious money. And respect in the town of Mullach.  

This ‘Trevor Saltee’ character is plainly a slander on my good self. O’Neill is trying to stab me with his biro..

O’Neill, you think you’re smart! You’ll be very very sorry. Nobody messes with Terrence Sail and gets away with it!

T. F. Sail esq.

Little Twisters

King Arthur

My subjects recall my heroism. I brought honour to my lands.  Contrary to what this manuscript proclaims, it is well known that I fought nobly against faeries and other weasels. I was never even in Éirinn at any time as far as I can remember. I was never called ‘The Bear’. The term is an insult that I outlawed for all time.

This manuscript is a work of foul calumny and I sense little weasel hands at work.This writer is no more than a dumb channel for their work. Their aim is to rewrite legends to make themselves smell better.

I care little what the people of the uncivilized lands of Éirinn think. However, I command  the peoples of my own Lands of Cornobha and Móna to disregard these twistings of history. I rewarded bad poets well to record my true deeds and sing my praises. That is how I shall be remembered. I never had any truck with that ‘other’ people. I never associated with a little deceiving enchantress. Nobody shall be fooled! Heroism was my only trade.

Arthur defamed

Fleadh agus Fáilte

Fionn's SpiritCome to my home, Terence Sail. Here in Killahara Castle old friends are met with the warmest of welcomes. Enemies… well that’s for the spirits of the castle to decide.




Mighty job dude.

The Red



Folklore and Mythology expertI am not too modest to call myself an expert. I have two Doctorates in Irish Mythology and Folklore. I will allow NOBODY to mess with my heritage. That includes you, Mr. O’Neill.

I have never heard of a ‘Saile’, a ‘Gearraí’, ‘Tizzie’, or a ‘Bronloider’.

I find this quite suspect.

Please reveal your sources forthwith or I assure you this book will be getting very bad reviews in the folk literature circles.

Professor Festus Ó Ceallaigh Ph.D.2